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"I might have had a tough break, but I have an awful lot to live for." Lou Gehrig, July 4, 1939

Enthusiasm… ”the spirit of god within”


Being an English major, I am not fond of contractions

Being an English major, I am not fond of contractions, especially the word “ain’t “, but it is appropriate… I ain’t dead yet.

Voice… again

Now my voice is completely gone… no southern accent, no town drunk, no nothin’… I am prone to annual laryngitis, but not sure I want slurred voice back.

Goodbye Lullaby – Morgan Myles


I miss it so much! I’ve loved it for 45 years,… hard to imagine for a lawyer, right? Unfortunately my stamina & frustration level with myself gives me 2 attempts to say things. After that i decide its not important or become too sad to say it again. Hearing i’m sorry from the person I’m talking to or someone nodding & smiling makes me sadder. i know they don’t have a clue what I’m saying (my crazy brain still works). I sound worse than a town drunk. i don’t say this for sympathy, but to explain why I may seem overly mad, sad or not speak. You have done nothing to upset me.

Get off your ass…

and stop being stressed along with smoking, overeating, or sad or whatever your vice. Do something for yourself and walk a mile. Iwould kill to be able to do so. Not being preachy.

Thanks to everyone for the great stories, Ihaven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Mostly true, although I’ve never been calm in my life! I wish Iwas half as funny as ya’ll claim to be. For every story I’ve th ought of funny stories about each of you. Be glad I’m using my eyes to type, haha! Ill start posting stories a few may recognize. Love all of you so much, ya’ll have touched my heart more than you know. A new frie nd, Courtney, who’s helping me, told me Ias strong,. Being the big baby Iam, Iteared up& admitted Iam not strong. She said my strength is ins ide, the many family & friends supporting me. At 23, she’s much wiser t han this 45 year old. Unusually struck for words, allIcould say wasAMEN !